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he was wanted in last week's death of ricardo, he killed his father, frederick is now missing. they also fund to decompose women of these two women. we'll show you just a moment. there are found in a home and that women had been missing for a week. turns out he would stay at the house in vallejo sometimes. pam? >> we have seen coverage tonight on the multiple murders, as you know that there, and we are with christine connally was live in hercules but first we want to start with dan career man who is in vallejo. dan? >> well the news just wrapped up and they confirmed that the body that was located in the car of the dublin home that he was driving shortly before he got out and read into the market, they found a body in the car. it was indeed train, at 46 years old. since the trend was his girlfriend and she is also planned afford to ricardo and frederick solace. they'll live in the same home together. ephron also stayed in the home. ephron also stated home here in vallejo. it is in that home that they made the discovery of two dead bodies just yesterday. >> it was a dam at the
of a search for frederick collins. he is missing since saturday and possibly an addict them of half on albemarle. if >> we would really like to find him alive. >> vallejo and the other victim is charged with stockpiling. and yet another victim >> new information continues to comment about the man behind the multiple murder that spanned several cities. that man has been connected down to the murder of his girlfriend, said the trend has lost two of her girlfriends. at least one of her male has mates. authorities are still searching for frederick who is still missing. several areas have been combed and the search led investigators to a landfill in pittsburgh and that is where kron4 news and christine connally is stan's live. christine? >> search and rescue crews searched all day long searching for any news of frederick solace. they have less precise search went on and i know the exact acre to look for. they're looking in the landfills that are behind me and this search is over with for today but they will be back tomorrow. but is ahead enrolls some video to show us why they're here. >>
of a son, frederick is still missing. and this woman was stranded to death. and yesterday morning, these two women's bodies were found in vallejo. and heather donald shows us how all of these people are connected. >> after efren valdemoro have been taking cindy on to offer two different years if she owned and rented this house. where the sales live and efren valdemoro was inspecting a relationship between frederick. and his body was found beaten in the house. now, read these two women, carole and reebok. those wer tuesday afternoon-we talked. and one police theory is that the police were killed off efren valdemoro because they have been telling cindy to leave him. efren valdemoro had also lived with retell allen and a husband, charles rittenhouse during the past 10 years and charles is now been arrested on suspicion of possession of the explosion possession. and he found that charles was a living on the body of his wife, rita and the other woman was found. >> with live coverage, christine connolly and dan kerman is in a live oak. the two women were discovered, dan?--vallejo crush
the heavy rain yesterday was focused around the city. right now it is out west. in frederick, you guys will see some heavy rain for the next half hour or so. there could be some standing water on the roads. rain showers are likely today. maybe some thunderstorms. most of the activity will be this morning. high temperatures in the upper 70's, it may be near 80. the evening commute will be much better. seven-day forecast is coming up in just a few minutes. >> we have an accident in middle river. this is one to avoid. it is at kingston wrote an eastern boulevard. akfield avenue, police are on the scene and closures may be in affect. 52 on southbound 95. smooth ride on the north side of the beltway. no problems reported on the j.f.x. this is the beltway and the east side looks great. this is traffic in the area of the key bridge. it looks very good. the rest of the area bridges are in good shape. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now back to you. >> thank you. a merger between the nation's two largest discount airlines could be on the horizon. >> kim dacey joins us live from fed
bay it is the focus for frederick solace who is missing since saturday and possibly at the victim. >> it would really like to find him alive. >> lisa like to speak about what they found and in the vallejo for has found explosives at his home. and they carry a vigil in her honor. >> new information continues to flow in about the man behind several murders. that man, you see his face on the frame. he is connected to the murders as long as two of her female friends. and at least one of her male mates. authorities are still searching for this son frederick who is missing and several areas haven't, does that look for clues. this search has led investigators to a landfill in pittsburgh. they're sending by live with the latest. christine? >> well we are waiting on a news conference where they're going to update us that happened late behind here. it is a very large landfill where they want to search and is 1 a. and they're searching through about 3,000 t. but as pool some video and walking through white bear here. on wednesday at the police found zero white escalade which he was driving p
.. despues de un debate candente.... nat! los comisionados de frederick rechazaron una propuesta como la 1070 de arizona david gray/ comisionado de frederick "necesito mas tiempo para pensarlo, nosotros no somos el gobierno federal, dijo uno..." con 3 a favor y 2 en contra... quienes la oyaban alegaron que era necesario que la policia preguntara por el estatus migratorio a sospechosos criminales... john thompson/comisionado de frederick " si no estan en el pais legalmente los entregaremos a las autoridades fedes.... dijo otro..." pero otros se oponian "ya teneml programa 287 g , esto no es necesario... " aclaro visiblemente frustrado por el resultado... el delegado estatal charles jenkins, uno de los 3 republicanos que presentaron la propuesta, dijo que hara todo lo posible para que sechuck jenkins/alguaci frederick "sabes que sera dificil, pasara este ano, quizas no. el proximo, ano, probablemente tampoco pero seguiremos ando ha ocurra..." anadio claudia uceda/univision w
they have to do is they have to try to find the body of frederick salas. if he is here, they have to pick through tons of garbage for hours. it is not clear if they have information leading to the missing man believed to be here or if experience tells them where to look. his brother filed a missing person report on frederick and their father six days ago. their father, ricardo salas, was bludgeoned to death that day into a bedroom he rented from a home in hercules belonging to cindy tran. there are more details about a fight that the two had with efren valdemoro. in late august, efren valdemoro filed a police report. the police report claims that the two men beat him up. what happened was that ricardo salas woke up to a letter that he wrote to efren valdemoro. he asked him to stay out of his relationship with cindy tran. he went to confront efren valdemoro immediately. they were asleep in a bedroom. they got into a fight. he said ricardo salas threw the first punch. at some point during the fight, frederick salas jumped in to help his dad. he said he and his father had to restrain efren v
, ricardo salas body was found and his son, frederick is still missing. and on tuesday night, cindy tran was strangled. and efren valdemoro was shot, killed by chp. yesterday morning, these two women were discovered in vallejo. we have team coverage on these multiple murders. christine connolly is live and hercules with the latest and let us begin with dan kerman. in vallejo, with the two women's bodies were discovered. dan? >> pam, this is a quiet community and this cul-de-sac. let me show you that you would not necessarily know that anything went on. and as look at the house #110. that is for these two bodies were found very badly composed. one is rita allen and karen smart autopsies are taking place and they will hope some indication of when and how they died. right now, the investigation is on to different people. one is off to efren valdemoro as it inspected and chuarels rittenhouse who was married to one of the woman. and right now, they do not know the connection and the difficulty of finding out what is going on. >> it is not as if it is bizarre as complicated it is a puzzle we'r
are showing up in the frederick county library, find out what baltimore city and the library officials are doing to protect you. >> >> recently the blood sucking insects known as bed bugs showed up in baltimore city's library. >> good morning, the baltimore city health department will be providing a series of meetings on the treating of the bed bugs. they have fowbd more and more -- found more and more homes in baltimore city. in frederick county, all communications of libraries were fumigated. >>> nike near 5th avenue closed down due to the insects. >> we have found that bed bugs are hitching rides back and forth, in to offices, in to stores, and as to the situation in frederick's county, they will be treating all 8 counties, the book mobiles, and delivery van. also, the individual who carried the bugs in to the library has been notified. >> it's 5:47 a harvard county student killed while crossing the road is going to be laid to rest. joey entremont was kill while crossing the road and students and family members will be laying him to rest this afternoon. >> 30 year old natasha pedig
for frederick solace in who is still reported as missing. we're going to show you some video footage. frederick solace believes the here was reported missing on saturday and his father or card was found dead. he had been beaten to death. the two are renting the home front nephrons girlfriend and they occasionally stayed in the house. today at about five minutes away from the house of the white cadillac was found a day has been linked to the him. desert searching the area for any signs of frederick. >> we have been quite concerned for some time that frederick solace to is still missing and has not been seen or heard from since the early saturday. he is intricately and i arrived. he is still missing. we are concerned about his safety. >> what police found in the cadillac escalade they're not telling us but they still have search and rescue crews had been out here for several hours looking for any signs and he is still reported as missing. kron4 news. >> here's another look at the met the center of the minister appeared he is suspected in these murders. 38 year-old ephron waldemar he shot and kill
of this searching man. frederick sales he is been missing for several days. the body of this father was found in hercules ricardo sales over one week ago. and he had been allegedly killed by efren valdemoro who is responsible for its least four killings. he was killed by c h p with a high- speed chase to tonight, and christine connolly is live in pittsburgh. >> they are searching a massive land fell beyond these hills, over 3,000 t of trash. meticulous, tedious, let me show you what they're doing. they are showing the and searching at the keller canyon on bailey rode. there are about 20 volunteers, to sift through 1 a. of trash. hercules police are hopeful they will find something, take a listen. >> they're hopeful, and determined to taand to get to te last piece of debris. they will stay with it until we're done. >> it is very meticulous, the piece of debris is picked up by the excavator and put into a clean machine with a volunteer will go through it, mentally, piece by piece. >> this contains trash from the north shore business park is where a long white cadillac escalade efren valdemoro w
. you will run up on this accident at speed so keep your eyes peeled headed south out of frederick in the direction of clarksburg. top stretch of the beltway behaving nicely between college park and bethesda. still a portion of wayne avenue blocked off between georgia avenue and colville road for police investigation due to yesterday's incident at the discovery channel building. traveling in on 66, overnight roadwork cleared. overnight construct cleared from the beltway leaving springfield headed out towards 66. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> and julie mentioned it. it is our big story this morning. afternoon full of drama at the discovery channel building yesterday in downtown sill verve spring. hostages taken, thousands evacuated. several hours later, a gunman shot dead. this morning, police are still on the scene doing an ongoing investigation. >> the gunman is identified as james lee. he is dead. effect else is -- everybody else is safe. sarah simmons has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. police still have the scene here at the discovery communications b
inside the beltway notice nice green and clean, we like it that way but as we move you out to fredericks maryland. where it meets 26 liberty road that's where we have crews working an accident and we know only the shoulder of traffic going southbound is getting by. let you move it over to 270 where we're watching that volume really build up between german town road and i-70. that stretch of that delay should start to set in, in the next half hour. hey, virginia it's 66 headed eastbound you're already slow. from 50 over to 153 that's plus five minutes and that is growing and let's look at some 90s now. video, this is from yesterday. this is the scene out on 95 southbound near -- or after thornburg and this is a tractor- trailer that was on fire as you can see it sparked some brush fires in the area. we're still dealing with this problem this morning. in fact, crews still on the scene this morning taking away lanes as needed. so expect to slowdown. we're not seeing delays anything like this right now and expect to slowdown crossing over thornburg right before route 3. i'll send it back t
is the western suburbs. frederick county, carroll county. let's look at hd doppler. you cannot see the worst of it in the orange and the red -- you can see the worst of it in the orange and the red. you will see some heavy rain for the next 15 or 20 minutes at least. and then it will push into pennsylvania. down towards annapolis, give yourself extra time again this morning. let's look at the forecast. i think it will clear up this afternoon. most of the rain will be this morning. high temperatures in the upper 70's. we will check the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. first we say good morning to sarah and see what is happening on the roads on this tuesday. >> a few accidents to watch for. they could be related to the rain. there is an accident at 32. watch for delays there. there are some other problem spots. jewish park lake drive, a vehicle fire. park lake drive, a vehicle fire. let's let it drive times. 11 minutes on the ad lib northeast side. eight minutes to travel on the inner loop from 795 over towards 83. 95 and 32, no signs of a delay. this is northbound traffic.
counties. it's easier to say where it's not except garrett, allegany, washington and frederick county. we have a flood watch or coastal flood watch in effect for am -- almost all counties except garrett and allegany. a high wind except garrett and allegany. right now we va a flash flood warning for anne arundel, calvert, charles, pg county and st. mary's county. let's take a look at the day part. i think it's important to know we're going to get a break in the action through the midday but this is not an all clear. there will be an equally heavy amount of rain coming our way through the afternoon and the evening hours. this is going to hit us in two different waves today. expect before it's over-- it's over and done with, three to six inches of rain. >> part of interstate 70 is closed. here's sharon with wjz traffic control. >>> we also have several lanes on the beltway blocked. that's going to be on the west side outer loop, an area of wilkens. we have an area blocking three right lanes. on to the problem on 70, all lanes remain blocked on 70 eastbound. that's between u.s. 29 and the pat
degrees. frederick at 75. 76 in baltimore and down towar leonardtown, 75. 66 at 9:00. 53 degreesy 5:00 a.m. it will be a very cool morning tomorrow. some of the suburbs, most of the suburbs will get to the upper 40s. maybe a little bit cooler than that. tomorrow you may need that jacket as you step outside. here's why. 79 in the district. look at buffalo. 64 degrees. right now, our air is coming from the north. over the next couple days, look at the hot air south and west. 94 in atlanta. the hot air will move our way. we've got the cool air toght and the very warm air over the next couple days. here is hurricane igor. hurricane igor making its way through bermuda. it did not come onshore but very close. look at the video that we have. it did make its way very close to andfall. around hamilton. the residents there about 70,000 residents on the island of bermuda. nearly 20,000 of them lost power. the good news is there is no major damage. both obviously, as you can see, a lot of trees and power lines down. for the most part, no real dage toward that island. that's very good news. the storm
. >> we are watching one thing on the west side. there is some police activity just passed frederick road. we will let you know if any lanes are closed. speed sensors on southbound 95 is coming in at 55 miles per hour. problem-free on the north and west side. the j.f.x. and harrisburg expressway look good. mount vernon was closed in both directions at st. paul. a quick live look at traffic shows things are running very well on 795. delay-free all the way down to the beltway. 50 at centerpoint shows the toll plaza looking great. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> if you're having difficulty finding a job, you are not alone. >> about 7000 people and lost their jobs last month. jennifer franciotti is live with more details. >> shakira the job market is very -- the job market is very frustrating. one economist said the job market always lags behind recovery. gedk a towson landmark chan hands. once a thriving entertainment complex was auctioned off. the sale coincided with the release of discouraging dated. the numbers show maryland's unemployment rate rose to 7.3% in august. maryland
had sunshine today. it is 77 degrees in fairfax now. in frederick, it is 75 degrees. showers have moved out of the metro-frederick area. curley, it is 77 degrees in prince frederick. there is a tropical depression located south of cuba. the wind is at 35 miles per hour. the hurricane models say this will develop into a tropical storm nicole. it also has some leftover moisture from tropical storm matthew of the weekend appeared this will -- weekend. this will aid into the moisture in south carolina. it will move from the mid- atlantic to new england. all this rain could be forced up in a very short time, and about 24 hours from tomorrow night to thursday night. excessive rainfall will be the story. flooding could be the probability in many areas. temperatures are in the 70's right now and will drop into the 60's this evening. there is very chilly air to the west. that will move in here over the weekend. this will not move in until this area of moisture and low pressure moves up the east coast. it will take until friday morning to get this all up. up to 8 inches are expected in part
, it is a low cooler than yesterday. constable. 60 degrees in frederick. at the airport, 54 degrees. 59 in culpeper. 54 in herndon. 58 in prince frederick. a lot of sunshine today. a few scattered clouds. high temperatures in the low 80s. the average high is 80 degrees. we will have a northwesterly breeze at 5-10 miles an hour. clearing skies. constable again. -- comfortable. chance of showers by tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. not expecting much. now to lisa baden. >>> good commuter a roundabout way. overnight construction in virginia on the beltway is gone. looks good on the dulles toll gaway. noaa troubles in virginia. headlights northbound headed to springfield. red is southbound on the way to richmond. a local all the way to clinton in the right lane. quiet across the american legion bridge. back to you. >> thank you. >>> our top story, d.c. will have a new mayor. 90% of 36 reporting, council chair vincent gray has defeated incumbent mayor adrian fenty in the democratic primary. gray came out here early this morning to declare victory. fenty's spokesman says he will concede th
temperature. right now we are at 70 in frederick. manassas of 276. arlington bond up a little bit at 75. -- manassas at 76. today will be similar to yesterday. a record $igh is 96. that was set in 1885. here is a look at the satellite and radar composite. this is a cold front. this will show lelowly push eas. a back, when will kick in. the southerly wind will bump are temperaáures up. tonight mostly clear skies. 6 quite as cool as what we had last night. =v(>>> d.dc. car owners are beig asked to give up their vehicle for one month. some are being asked to carpool or fight. and >> i use my car for a 5 minute trip verses hopping on the metro. >> program leaders said lester 65% of the participants said3 participating in the challenge. a new case of bedbugs cropping up in frederick county. frederick county public library is temporary close. the urbana library was closed after spotting them in a ball. -- spotting them in a book. >>> coming up on abc7 news at noon, a neáqá of stars takes to the day of singapore. phome? day of singapore. -- a new set of stars takes to the dance floor. later
is a suspected of four murders, this was the body of ricardo sales and his son, frederick sales senate, this woman was strangled, and then he was finally found, shot, killed. yesterday morning, these two bodies were found and vallejo and heather donald shows how these people are connected. >> this man had been taking this woman were to destriers, and she was the owner of this home. she believed that he could have suspected a relationship between cindy? and the body was found beaten in the house. now, these two women, we talk and they were found at read is home tuesday afternoon. cindy ofriens with both accurate and both for killed by this man because there were telling the senate to leave him. he also lived with ellen mark hall, and charlton during the system and charlie's written house is now been arrested of possession explosives and is being questioned on the death of the women. police found him living on the property were his wife and his wife's friend were found. >> with a team coverage and christine connolly is light and hercules. we will begin with dan kerman and vallejo were th
disappearance continues let us rosen video you can see frederick sales on where this search continues for his connection to efren valdemoro whose girlfriend on the home where the sales let us. he had a problem with of relationship with his girlfriend. and frederick sales woke up efren valdemoro and they say that they were the aggressors in that incident. efren valdemoro was injured and police came to the home, a arrested him, efren valdemoro courted them away, and ricardo sales was badly beaten. and then each day that frederick sills is missing. >> considering the nature of this case, there are is growing concern for his safety. he was not involved in an altercation with the suspect. if the suspect has been associated with four different deaths. there is definitely a concern for his safety. >> a search of a nearby business park, coastline, and provided no clues. and there is even the location where the hercules are today. they're speaking to people and trying to develop leads. reporting live and hercules, christine connolly. >> so much still unfolding, and vicki liviakis more about 7ci ndy tr
the state at the top of the hour. it's really only cooled down significantly from frederick west. pittsburgh down to 73 right now. clear skies and the rest of the evening it's going to be a slow drop temperature wise. in fact what i really wanted to show you here i don't know why this computer keeps skipping the evening forecast. we're talking about 70s clear windy conditions tonight, and sunset at 7:26. we'll have much more coming up on the latest out of the tropics and also when will we see a little rain we need it's all coming up. rosie. >>> in tonight's consumer alert in step 2 company is recalling 56,000 of its sands and water transportation station toys. the light blue plastic wheels on the train cars can detach and cause a choking hazard for young children. no children have been hurt. the toys were sold at target stores from december 2008 through june of this year. >>> the land of nod is recalling play with your veggies toys. metal wire in the toy asparagus can become exposed and could cut a child. the vegetable set made by the land of nod is made of felt wool. the set contains 6 ve
at that until 11:45. including the city of haegerstown, martinsburg, winchester and frederick county, maryland, and frederick county, virnia, and berkeley county and jeffeon county to west virginia, as well as washington county. that's severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 11:45. waching storms as they move toward the east. the have been severe toward the west as well. we'll continue to watch them move through the area for the next half an hour to 45 minutes. watch out around haegerswn and frederick, maryland. even in the front royal area. these storms have a history of severe weather. good news, we'll get out of this fairly quickly and tomorrow we'll see much nicer weather. 67 when you wake up tomorrow morning. clearing skies, much nicer day. more on e storms and how they'll affect you over the next couple of hours. >> thank you, doug. >>> two discovery communication employees held hostage in silver springs say they used cell phones to send messages about their fourour deal. they talk publicly for the first time to oprah winfrey today. they were forced to lion the floor of the discovery
of a missing man. police believe 35-year-old frederick solace could be the fifth victim in a killing rampage that ended when officered shot and killed the suspect. monty? >> reporter: frederick solace lived here with his father. today's crew spent a day searching a land fill in pittsburgh for any sign of the 35-year-old but came up empty hands. hercules police combed through an acre of the keller canyon land fill, carefully and slowly sifting through thousands of tons of garbage. >> we have a dog that is here from contra costa county search and rescue going through the debris. >> reporter: 35-year-old frederick solace hasn't been seen since his father was bludgeoned to death. one of the scenarios police are considering is valdemaro may have killed the younger solace and disposed of his body at north shore business park. the trash from the dumpsters ends up at the keller canyon land fill. 38-year-old efrin valdemaro was shot and killed. his girlfriend was found strangled in his car. four victims are dead. if frederick solace turns up dead he would be the fifth. the motive appears to be jealou
for frederick. >> frederick is still missing, his father ricardo was found killed in this hercules home on saturday, the last time anyone saw frederick. the owner of the home is cindy tran. she is if rein valdemore's girlfriend and he is dead, too. police believe valdemore attacked frederick and his son because one of them might be involved with tran, and they believe involved -- valdemore strangled his girlfriend. now investigators need answers and they're hoping to find them here. 15 search and rescue volunteers and one cadaver dog are sift through the debris. >> you have to search small areas at one time. i with the dog it is very difficult because there are very many different scents. >> reporter: the only other place police have to turn is here. the lockup where charles rittenhouse is. the 72-year-old knows valdemore who used to stay with rittenhouse and his wife, allen. they found allen and her friend dead tuesday. rittenhouse is charged only with having large amounts of explosives in the house. his attorney says rittenhouse isn't involved with any murders. >> i have reason to bel
looking for a pittsburgh landfill for 35 years old, frederick sales and he lived in this house with his father, ricardo sales 73 or older. that is the purchaser of frederick sales police found him beaten to death on hiwhat is 28 and his father was found dead. >> the government of i ran is planning on releasing shores on charges of entering that country, illegally. and according to our family she has a serious medical problems. >> 31 year-old shore was last seen during a visit of the mothers of the three prisoners last may. her mother has been held in isolation and suffers from depression. she also has been refused treatment for one of her law ends in one of her breasts. all three were seized, and while there were hiking near the border near a run and a band imprisoned in to run of one schemes of spying. to mark the end of the islamic religious holiday, ramadan, in celebration, the will release her. all three are innocent! and the parents are requesting your immediate release. >> kate thompson spoke to one of the friends after he heard the news of her release. >> i am carryinhearing very
:00 this morning in frederick county, loudoun county, if the panhandle of west virginia, washington county, until 9:00. the traffic is right after this. >>> marc rail, kempton line train 843 running 20 minutes late. line.amden northbound 395 running a speed. ginobili on the belt way up to king street. the pentagon, looks great. looks fine across the 14th street bridge. everyone is moving to the right with no lane divide. the beltway is running smoothly at university blvd. in maryland. back to you. >> thank you. >>> taylor swift and kanye west buried the hatchet in a very public way last night. >> ♪ >> the two stars sang songs to each other during last night's mtv music video awards. last year kanye west hijacked the stage during taylor swift's acceptance speech. they gave separate but equally emotional performances providing resolution, according to critics. it is overshadowed lady gaga's 8 wins. >>> 60 degrees right now. >> coming up, a slow weekend at the box office meant big business for one new release. we will tell you which one. >>> an american hiker held hostage more than a year in iran is
frederick county, maryland down to parts of northern virginia. on live doppler 9000 hd, i have zoomed in to loudoun, northern prince william counties. you can see it there. west of fairfax county. i need doppler, please, control room. you can see on route 50, 6:59, out of 234, if you keep going north, west of dulles and heavy rain. these are torrential downpours and they are out to upperville. northern faulkier in to loudoun right now, maybe eastern frederick, virginia seeing the heaviest of the rain. we will continue to watch that. the temperatures this morning in this tropical air mass are in the upper 60s to low 70s and with a good jumping point i think it will be a warm afternoon. especially since we will get sunshine out here. mid-70s by 9:00. showers an but as we head to the middle of the day and this afternoon, more sunshine, breezy and warm, upper 70s to maybe even 85 for a high. we'll talk about more rain coming by thursday. it is 5:01 and that means it is time for traffic. >> thank you, howard. good morning, everybody. overall not a bad start to our tuesday morning co
're searching for any sign of frederick solace who is been reported missing. let us go ahead and roll some video and walk you through what is going on here and hercules. frederick solace who you see here is reported missing on saturday when police found his 73 year- old father reported dead in the home of hercules on great moral drive. he had been beaten to death. the two had rented the house from nephron del moro as a girlfriend and he also wrote vocationally stayed in the house. today police that a white cadillac escalade and they are now searching the area for any signs of frederick salisbury's let's hear what her please place the this is a little bit ago. >> we have been quite a center for some time that frederick solaced has been missed it and not heard from since the early saturday. his intricate be involved in this case and in this investigation he still is missing. we're concerned about his safety. >> and this location is just about five minutes away from the house that frederick and record of rented. their rented it from the girlfriend of the killer. to continue our team coverage right
're searching for frederick sales, the son of a murder victim. it's just the latest twist in a bizarre killing spree mystery. christie smith has the latest from there. >> reporter: the last time anyone has seen frederick sales alive was one week ago today in hercules. investigators confirm that the search for him will pick up today at the pittsburg landfill. ultimately this is where trash from the city of hercules ends up. the 35-year-old nursing assistant was last seen friday, the day police believe his father was beaten to death by efren valdemoro. according to police, all three men shared a home in hercules with cindy tran. she owned the home and was apparently valdemoro's girlfriend. police say the three men got physical over tran because valdemoro believed that something romantic was going on behind his back. efren valdemoro was shot and killed by chp after police say he killed his girlfriend, also grabbed a cleaver in richmond and started making threats. in all now in this bizarre story, four people tied to valdemoro are dead, ricardo sales, the father, two other women found dead in a va
and frederick salas. efren valdemoro told police that he and his girlfriend, cindy tran, were sleeping, when roommate ricardo salas came into the bedroom about a letter ricardo salas had written. frederick salas ran to back up his 73-year-old dad. the arriving officers found efren valdemoro face down and naked with the elder salas sitting on him. the father and son claim that they had to subdue efren valdemoro to keep him from attacking them. five days later, police found the body of ricardo salas in his home. he had been beaten to death. police are still searching for his 35-year-old son, frederick salas. >>> 5:02. a decision today from prosecutors in solano county on whether to file charges in the key figure in the complex murder case. charles rittenhouse may have killed his wife and her friend, according to police. their bodies were found in charles rittenhouse's vallejo home at the same time the police found a large amount of explosives. charles rittenhouse is a chemical engineer. the killing spree suspect efren valdemoro, stayed at the same home. >>> a memorial service at the vallejo sh
. heads up, in western howard county, wires down in marriottsville at old frederick road and marriottsville road. the beltway looking good, no delays between i-70 and i-95 on the outer loop. that is six minutes. here we are at route 50, coming across the bay bridge, a nice steady stream of volume but no problems or delays approaching 97 or headed to the capitol beltway. back to you. >>> 6:01. license, registration and put the camera down. that was quite a traffic stop in harford county. got a lot of publicity because the guy who was pulled over used his video camera to record the stop. that brushed up against the law. abc2 news linda so tells us what happened. >> reporter: it started as a simple traffic stop. when the 24-year-old motorcyclist was pulled over for speeding by a state trooper in an unmarked car. anthony graber first thought he was being robbed and started to videotape the state trooper. then posted it on youtube. that prompted state police to charge him with three felony wiretapping counts. the state's attorney planned to take him to trial but a circuit cour
. is anyone else in danger of contracting this bacteria? we're live in frederick with more. net cash at? >> dashon and natash-- the top ? >> they think they have taken the right precautions. >> we are using bottled water in every room, paper plates are in ample supply. >> this 90-year-old mother is a resident here at tranquillity. she said two elderly residents got sick after drinking the water and contracted a bacteria that causes legionnaires' disease. >> it is very disturbing. with all of the availability of uv light and everything that is of concern as far as what we are taking in bacteria-wise, that should not hit -- happen. >> now, showers are off limits. there sponge beijing residents. -- they are sponge 18 residents. -- spongy bathing residents. >> we have not heard how the people are doing at the hospital, but officials in frederick county said somebody in frederick county -- if someone was healthy and contracted the bacteria somehow, they would probably be ok, but with two elderly people it is much more serious. >> thank you. we could still use some rain here, but we are still
270 southbound out of frederick into montgomery county. >> lisa, thank you much. it is 5:11 now and 6:00 cool degrees. still to come, a pop star takes on the pentagon. lady gaga's latest fight against don't ask, don't tell. >> efforts to curb distracted driving. >> first an apology from the army national guard after a wildfire forces hundreds of evacuations. >> and welcome back. in our top stories at 5:14, police arrested a man who judged middle and high school wrestling matches in northern virginia. 51-year-old mark barget of life-support overpb is charged -- lorton is charged with possessing child pornography. president obama got an earful from frustrated voters yesterday during a town hall meeting in philadelphia but he defended his recovery efforts while trying to reduce the deficit. the utah national guard is taking responsibility for a huge wildfire near salt lake city. the guard's commander said nobody checked for high wind warnings before they launched a machine gun exercise this past weekend. >> looking now at the day ahead, a new push to hang up and drive. a recent study sho
's will thomas tacks us to frederick, maryland for this one. -- takes us to frederick, maryland for this one. >> reporter: urbana public library. a thousand people a day pass through here but it is what a collection supervisor discovered outside in the book drop friday that prompted frederick county official to spring into action. >> we were especially fortunate because our circulation supervisor would was doing that task used to work in the hospitality industry so she was trainedded and looking for exactly this kind of bug. >> reporter: elizabeth cromwell is the community relations manager for frederick county libraries. bed bugs discovered in books? that is a first. >> i've been here eight years. i've never heard of. this my director has never heard of this either. >> reporter: this is about one of a half dozen bed bugs collected from one of the children's books in the drop on heat advisory bin. those books are now sitting in the back of this truck baking. once the temperature reaches # 20 degrees it kills any remaining bugs. >> i think it is disgusting and i hope that they do
for frederick sales may have taken a very grim turn tonight. investigative sources are confirming to cbs5 that hercules police spent the better part of this day searching lapped fills that service hercules. that sent cbs5 cameras on the hunt. it first led us to a landfill in richmond and then that ultimately led us right here to the keller canyon landfill here in pittsburgh where we are told scores have investigators spent this day correspondence donning off the landfill. hercules police found more than rita allen's 2002 cadillac escalade in a ravine outside the entrance to by on add corporation. investigates eggedtive source essay they also found a machete near the suv. as they canvassed the area they quickly found by oh-rad had survey surveillance cameras. that recorded a car driving from the area where the escalade was dumped toward trash dumpsters at the rear of bio rad's offices. that was early tuesday morning. keep in mind tuesday was the same day el francisco elson balance dye marrow led police on a high speed chase that led to his death. sources go on to say bio-rad surveillance c
. >> authorities will go on a third day of some things through landfill they're looking for frederick sales his father was found dead last weekend and is hercules all. sales may have been killed by efren valdemoro is that the man at the center of this case he may be responsible for five killings. he was killed by police officers last week by the police after a high-speed chase. >> trucks continue to roll into the landfill at a point as hercules police spend their second day searching for frederick's sales who has been missing since the body of his father was discovered in their home >> we continue to search for frederick he is not been seen since saturday. >> the death of frederick father and three others have been efren valdemoro contributed it was killed by police. the trash pickup came too early. >> north shore is key because efren valdemoro the vehicle he was last seen driving the cadillac escalate was found in the north shore parking lot he was a former employe and lastly the resident is in close proximity. >> the search of landfill has been joined by cadaver dog. >> the excavator scoops o
lane. eastbound headed from frederick toward howard county, baltimore, you will find your lanes open. east bound there's a good rubber necking delay. westbound only one lane is getti by. very hefty backup on i-70. looking prty good. travel lanes open there. o to the rails we go. metro and vre having a good morning. >> thank you, jerry. >> 67 degrees. there's the ipad. there's the blackberry. now there's a plan to combine the two ideas. we'll tell you about the black pad. >> the corruption scandal that rocked a small town and has the whole nation talking this morning. >>> how you can get your hands on free beer. right here in this neighborhood, i grew ulearning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition fofour years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding o
showers, some light and some on the heavy side. start up in frederick county. you see the showers moving to the north and montgomery county and poolesville and dickerson in to southern frederick. we have heavy showers. these things will have heavy downpours. lesser lighter rains. along costal areas from shady side an deal. plum point that will be pulling in to the bay. saint leonard and lusby and st. mary's city dealing with light rain showers coming out of virginia. we have wet we around this morning. things much beer this afternoon. highs upper 70s to low 80s. it's time for look at maryland traffic. here's angie. >> as for now on the roadways, connecticut and bradley boulevard. nothing to report. this is 355 and shady grove. slick pavement to contend with. connecticut and bradley and i will show you that things are similar out there or not. take it to the maps. 50 westbound. lanes are wide open as you make your way from the bay bridge to bowie to the capital beltway. just experiencing the usual volume. it is nine minutes after the 6:00 hour. 9 news now this morning will be right back.
in pittsburg, this is day four of police investigators search for the remains of 35-year-old frederick sals. they believe he's the fifth victim in the string of murders last week. that story coming up. >> also a change on craigslist. but is it for real? >> and a change in your weather, too. check this out. no clouds this morning. a slight land breeze means hot weather for your holiday. we'll talk about fall returning tomorrow and through the week with 20 to 25 degrees cooling. >> hello there this monday morning, labor day. just about 6:01. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. homicide investigators today plan to search a pittsburg landfill for a fourth straight day hoping to turn up clues or locate the remains of a hercules man believed to be one of five victims at the hands of a single bay area man. thomas is live at the landfill with the latest. >> good morning. took investigators about a week to figure out that this might be the place where they'd find frederick sales body. they've been searching for it, the remains of frederick for the past three days and a couple
about that with the heavy rain yesterday, one to three inches across the region, now frederick getting heavy rain but they are not alone. this line does weaken but it does break down through southeast virginia, that is just poised to pivot its way through. so we have wet weather for the morning commute to begin. there's that flood watch until 8:00 a.m. may get extended depending on how heavy this band of rain does hold once it swings through the beltway. plans for a wet commute, temperatures near 70. we break out sun and isolated storm this afternoon with our 2-degree guarantee high of 79. >>> lets check the roads with kim brown. >> we do not like the idea of a wet commute because we had such a bad one or difficult one yesterday. right now traffic looks pretty good, no problems on 795. that looks good the entire stretch between route 140 to the beltway. we are working one accident? middle river, kingston road continues to be closed between eastern boulevard and hawthorne road because of an overnight crash. you can use hawthorne to get around it. as we look at 695 at harford road, you m
heavy rainfall clipping fairfax county. it is going to cross over the potomac and into frederick county and then hagerstown as well momentarily this morning. otherwise, a few spotty, light showers going on the high temperature about 83, becoming less humid. we'll dry out and have a fair amount of sunshine. more rainfall later this week. >> while you were sleeping there was a crash on the interloop ramp to eisenhower avenue. they are out there now repairing the guardrail so you'll mind exit ramp closed for the next 10-15 minutes. you'll find everything in your favor on the greenway, route 29 and even 270. not bad. more to come on the traffic side. we'll have the latest information from metro rail. last we heard, first trains in normal service. >> our top story now, a 2-year-old boy fighting for his life after accidentally shooting himself in the chest. and now two teenagers are facing charges. this all happened early monday morning along little elliott drive in hagerstown. we are live from d.c.'s national children's medical center. >> good morning to you. according to police, a young boy
. it should clear up around 8:30 this morning especially western loudoun county, into a frederick county. cooler temperatures of to the west. 45 in elkins, west virginia. 65 at reagan national airport. it's beginning to clear to the west. 84 degrees this afternoon and breezy. we will get an update, or commute with lisa baden. >>> northbound 95 coming out of stafford, stay to the left. northbound 95 car fire under control and garrison googled. equipment is on the scene. novis on 66. on problems no problems out of southern maryland. route 5 and route 4 looking good. >>> a developing story from fairfax county. one person is dead after a possible home invasion late last night along the 6800 block of field master drive. courtney robinson is live in springfield with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. the man was found shot to death. this is a quiet neighborhood on a quiet street in orange hunt. officers are preparing to clear the scene. there is still crime tape up. officers believe this was a possible home invasion. they got a call around 10:00 then last night. it is not known i
to find frederick sales alive, but we also have to follow leads as they come. >> reporter: and police say they have come here today to the keller canyon landfill because this is where trash from hercules is dumped. specifically, garbage from the north shore business park. that's where this cadillac escalade was discovered wednesday. an suv owned by a woman recently found dead in vallejo, the same car murder suspect efren valdemoro had been seen driving. police say valdemoro once work as a security guard at one of the business in this industrial park, plus the area isn't that far from where frederick sales and his murdered father lived. >> we did conduct a thorough search of the actual ground area on wednesday. however, the trash had already been removed at that time. so investigators are now searching through that. >> reporter: and that search is methodical. first, an excavator breaks through the compacted everyday trash and lifts it into the air. investigators watch closely as it is sifted and falls to the ground. the pile itself is said to be 40 feet deep. and while people use their eye
this is upperville over to leesburg and may cross the river to the north of frederick. everything is moving essentially north or at a pretty good clip. around the beltway it is quiet. don't let your guard down. because we are under a watch. go to the computer and talk about what is the deal. the watch covers the metro area from 81 to the bay until 8:00 tomorrow morning. so for tonight, well, here's the deal. flash flood watch. rain and thunderstorms. some heavy to severe. winds increasing south southeast at 10 to 20 and gusty. we will come back and talk about what that means for your morning commute and look ahead later in the week. we could be talking about a nor'easter. >> oh, boy. thank you. >>> emergency crews are sifting through the remains of a building that collapsed in west baltimore. dozens of firefighters are removing the rubble brick by brick to determine whether anyone is hurt. the two-story brick building collapsed at druid hill avenue and lauren street there. there was a report that a woman walking near the building was there when the builting collapsed but thermal i
of additional rain falls to night, complicating the issues. frederick counties and surrounding counties are under a flash flood warning. a full report, minutes away. >> this storm watch continues. john gonzales is live in alexandria, va. this evening. >> it has been a frantic day on the roads for drivers and, of course, thousands of people are still without power in their homes. then there are low-lying areas like old town alexandria, which is always a concern. some of the roads are already under water. >> you have water going that fast and you are going to be off the road. but high waters and down trees proved potentially dangerous. a section of route 450 near davidsen was closed down because of impassable conditions. some drivers dared to cross water that was moving very quickly. >> the current seemed to be moving pretty fast. >> there was no way i was going to go through it. >> the cab of this truck was crushed, the driver seriously -- escaping serious injury. the pavement made driving difficult about whether it was -- the brain on the pavement made driving difficult, whether it was
pennsylvania, west virginia. it's down into the 40s. frederick, 46 degrees in maryland. manassas, 46. dulles, only 50 degrees. near 50 in prince george's county. near 60 in waington and near the bay. elsewhe, we have temperatures in the 40s in west virginia, much of western maryland and pennsylvania. and on the eastern shore, the low 50s right now awa from the waters. so quite a cool start. but some are saying not so fast. it will be warming up tomorrow. today's high in the upper 70s to near 80. tomorrow, soaring to near 90. a chance a shower. near 90 again on friday. but you'll be turning cooler for the weekend. let's check traffic on this tuesday morning. how is it looking? >> tom, good morning to you. good mornin everyone. off we go. we have a ton of overnight road work. crossing over the 14th street bridge. no early worries there. loks like the same lane configuration of the last several days. capital beltway, inner loop and outer loop as you travel between i-95 and wilson bridge off to a very fine start. joe, eun. >> jerry, tha you. >>> a death investigation under way after a body was
piece of civil war history for sale in frederick. the barbara frichy house which is documented in a famous poem sits comfortably in the heart of downtown frederick. the two-story red brick structure is a replica of the house from which of the 90 something witnessed waved a union -- waved a union flag. the asking price for the historic home is listed at $185,000. >>> the coach for 14-time olympic gold medalist michael phelps says the baltimore native has a lot of work to do. he's not the best swimmer in the world right now. bob bowman says ryan lahtee deserves the honor. he won six gold medals this summer. phelps says this disappointment has motivated him for his ultimate target, the 2012 olympics in london. >>> though the school year kicked into full gear it doesn't mean everyone has your child's best interests. how scammers are working overtime to target children all over maryland. plus, see how a community help center in west baltimore services the area with a more personalized touch. my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time th
since school has started. >>> today frederick police will continue their investigation on how a man died after leaving a domestic situation with rifle. it happened yesterday on the 200 block of market street. he ran off and exchanged gunfire. the man died during the incident. investigators say they're still trying to gure out whether the officer killed him or whether the suspect turned the gun on himself. >>> a driver struck and critically injured a u.s. senate candidate in maryland. the whom, who is running on the green party ticket, was critically inured. the driver claims she didn't even realize she had hit someone until she got home and saw the victim's bike her her cadillac escalade. >>> green party senate candidate was struck and critically injured early sunday morning. police say the driver, who at first didn't realize she had hit someone, did not remain on the scene. >> she is unconscious. she suffered massive injuries, massive head trauma, broken ribs, lost a kidney in the surgery, broken knees. >> pedigree was struck near the intersection at 5:30 in the morning on campus way. t
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